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Hp prime Copy and pasting problems
08-07-2015, 07:45 AM
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RE: Hp prime Copy and pasting problems
(08-07-2015 06:59 AM)Arno K Wrote:  ...I entered the data given: 7328... in one column and 328... to another one, went to the first cell of the column, pushed select, went down to the end of the column, pushed enter, then copy, opened Statistics1Var, went to the desired starting point, pushed paste and so was able to get both columns copied, one after the other, I did this on the real calc with newest firmware. So no problem for me, but perhaps this is not the way of copying that is wanted here.

@ Gerald, Arno, pr011235, HP:
As i wrote, the original post was hard to understand (only for me?).
Thanks to Arno, writing the steps clearly down, now i could try this also.

My settings:
software 8151 - virtual prime - Digit Grouping: 123,456.789 - language: English
1) Entries to spreadsheet:
A1..A4: 7328 / 7588 / 9999 / 5673
B1..B4: 328 / 588 / 999 / 673
Selecting A1 .. B4, Copy
Choosing App 'Statistics 1Var', going to D1, Paste: Value,
Result: column D1 is unchanged, only values from B1..B4 are copied to D2.
2) changed settings: Digit Grouping: 123'456.789/ sames procedure: only B1..B4 copied
3) changed settings: Digit Grouping: 123 456.789/ sames procedure: only B1..B4 copied
4) changed settings: Digit Grouping: 123456.789/ sames procedure, all copied
5) changed settings: Digit Grouping: 123.456,789/ sames procedure, only B1..B4 copied

It seems, that the error is depending on the Digit Grouping choosen.
Could you please check again?
Many thanks in advance!
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