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Emulator of HP 50g with #2.16 ROM
07-24-2015, 03:46 AM
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RE: Emulator of HP 50g with #2.16 ROM
I downloaded and installed the HP50gVirtualCalculatorSetup_3_1_30 file.
I really like the display and size on this emulator. It's larger and darker than the previous emulator I was using.

I'm having a problem loading libraries, though. I tried to copy a *.hp library I have and when I do, I am getting an error message "Cannot load an empty file".

Per the emulator help that came with it, I tried to follow the instructions thinking that maybe I could load libraries if I use Virtual USB Port.

HP Virtual Calculator-to-HP50 Connectivity Kit Communications
1. In HP Virtual Calculator, select Calculator > Preferences. This displays the Preferences window.

2. Choose Expose this HP Virtual Calculator instance as COMn from any of the virtual port drop-down lists, that is, the Virtual IrDA Port, Virtual RS232 Port or Virtual USB Port drop-down list. (Note that n will vary according to the ports that are free on your PC.)

3. Click Save.

4. Open the HP50 Calculator Connectivity Kit.

5. From the Connect using drop-down list, choose the port that you exposed at step 2 above.

6. Click the Quick connect to the calculator button.

HP Virtual Calculator and the connectivity kit should now be connected. Consult the user manual for the calculator for instructions on how to transmit data.

The Virtual USB Port is defaulted to Disabled and it won't let me change it.

This is too bad as it seems like a great emulator. If anyone figures this out, please let me know.

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