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Commas on entry line
07-07-2015, 12:08 PM
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RE: Commas on entry line
(07-07-2015 04:03 AM)chrisru Wrote:  I am new to the Prime and would like to know if there is a way to automatically enter commas on the entry line like the HP33, as a water operator we sometimes enter millions typed out as 1,000,000. Without commas I have to carefully look to see if I entered the correct number of 0's.

No, it's not possible on the edit line (AKA entry line, command line, and input line). That feature is only possible on simple models which do not have edit lines, and which can assume you're always keying in numbers. No edit-line model (e.g. the RPL machines) has had, or can have, digit separation during numeric entry.

Imagine typing the list {123,456,789}. Is that a list of three numbers, or of one number with automatically-inserted commas? There's no way to tell, hence it's impossible to design a command line interface that automatically inserts commas AND which correctly parses whatever the user types in.

In case it's any consolation, your request has been made a zillion times (1.3 zillion to be exact), but nobody to date has also suggested a way to implement it without totally screwing up the command line interface.

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