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[wp34s] MySamba and Windows 7
01-14-2014, 10:15 PM
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RE: [wp34s] MySamba and Windows 7
(01-14-2014 05:11 AM)walter b Wrote:  Regarding "native" Windows 7, I didn't experience any difficulties with MySamBa there - neither with an FTDI converter nor with direct USB link (the latter via Harald's pcb).

It used to be that it would drive me nuts that something didn't work if it was supposed to, but since flashing still works fine on the one computer in my XP virtual machine I will keep the XP setup around solely for this purpose and come back to getting it working under Windows 7 when I have the time and inclination. Nowadays I really only keep Windows around for a few things (Microsoft Money, a couple of stats programs that only run on Windows, and various HP calc things like ILPer, the Clonix burner, and MySamba), so it is a shame that this is the only thing I can't get working under 7, but the XP virtual machine only takes a couple of GB space and is no trouble to launch just for this reason. I have learned over the past couple of years that it is really important to me for the flashing to work smoothly--if I get that dreaded "unable to connect" message I groan to think of calc becoming a useless brick with dead batteries if I don't get it flashed soon. The MySamba-under-XP arrangement will stay for now.

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