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hp67 82004A reserve power pack
06-19-2015, 01:48 AM
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RE: hp67 82004A reserve power pack
I did some further investigation and this webpage came up. In addition, there's a sticker inside the compartment of my Power Pack with 55 mA written on it so apparently the previous owner measured the charging current.

So our 700 mAh battery has a charge rate (C) of 0.7A. 0.7/0.055 approximately equals 12.7 which is pretty close to the website's description of an overnight charger having a charging current of C/10. I seem to remember the chargers simply being used overnight and the website states that this is the easiest way to charge a NiCd battery but they do recommend setting a timer for 16 hrs. As Katie pointed out, newer NiCd's can charge faster and some of newer chargers have built-in timers and temperature sensors.

So with one of those 3000 mAh batteries on eBay, does that mean it would take over 68 hours to charge in the Power Pack?

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