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Possible bug in Time Setting
06-26-2015, 05:11 PM
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RE: Possible bug in Time Setting
(06-26-2015 04:45 PM)Tim Wessman Wrote:  What seems to be happening, is that he is wanting to set a specific time down to the second resolution. However, because this is a view - the instant a number is typed in the clock is changed. There is no accept/apply/update etc button to click on to validate the changes. So instead, he is watching the clock to press ESC so that the seconds will be set to 0 at that instant.

If that is the goal, I am wondering why using the method of typing hh.mmss and storing it into "Time" would not save him up to a minute of valuable time.

I get what you are saying, and understand your point with regard to the change being made as soon as you make it on the view. However, can you point me to the place in the documentation where this is made clear? Others have stated that the documentation is lacking, and you always ask for an example, you have one here. Storing the Time value is obviously the best way to accomplish this users needs, but for the benefit of all of the Prime users, it needs to be clearly stated somewhere other than this forum...
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