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HP19BII: Is it still worth anything?
06-19-2015, 03:12 AM (This post was last modified: 06-19-2015 03:14 AM by John R.)
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RE: HP19BII: Is it still worth anything?
(06-19-2015 02:32 AM)celsoglima Wrote:  Thanks for the input. I did look on eBay just before I created this post, and there were some HP 19BII listed. However, I was not sure if they were selling. I noticed the prices were all over the place from $40 to over $200. What I am going to do is to watch some of those eBay auctions for now and see how much people are paying for them. I may also try to sell it locally through Craigslist since there are a couple of universities and community colleges in my area.

You can filter eBay search results to display only sold items. The sale price gives a much truer picture of the actual market value than the asking price. ("Ask and ye shall receive" certainly does not apply to eBay.)

The current going price for a rear-battery-door HP-19BII in good condition seems to be about $125. A side-battery-door variant in good condition will net around $75. A side-battery-door variant with battery-area damage might go for $25. You'll get more for any of these if you are selling with the manual, accessories, or box....

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