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(50g) Fun with Farey sequences
06-26-2015, 11:19 PM
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RE: (50g) Fun with Farey sequences
(06-25-2015 05:46 AM)Gerald H Wrote:  #/ is bint division, stack diagram


bint a    bint remainder(a/b)
bint b -> bint quotient(a/b)

From "Programming in System RPL" by Eduardo M Kalinowski and Carsten Dominik:
Addr.  Name   Description
303E9  %/     ( % %' → %/%' )
303D3  %%/    ( %% %%' → %%/%%' )
03EF7  #/     ( # #' → #r #q )

Thus #/ is what is called /MOD in Forth:
/MOD     ( n1 n2 -- rem quot )     Divides. Returns the remainder and quotient.

Who would think that this was a good idea to use #/ instead?

Thanks for the explanation of ^NDXFex. I assumed something like this but didn't know where to look it up.

Quote:Thanks for your interest.

I try my best to keep up with your production of programs. But I must admit that I'm not fluent in System RPL. Thus I'm a slow reader.

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