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Storing data in Vars of the Geometry App?
06-06-2015, 10:07 PM
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Storing data in Vars of the Geometry App?
After having used the Prime for some weeks now, writing some tiny programs to check the possibilities I yesterday decided to write something like the taylordemo. I have this program on my 49G+ and used it from time to time to show one of my pupils how good this series is, even for small values for the degree of the polynomial. As an animation is a good choice for demonstration
my choice fell to the geometry app, as there "element(...)" can be used for animations.
I copied the app as described in the manual, entered a function, a slider, plotfunc twice, one for the original, one for the series, switched to plot and it worked. Now I wanted to change values at start, give the user the possibility to enter the function, the center and the degree by himself, so I added a view to input data, all this works fine, but how do I then save the data to the fields in my app? I tried from "Home" and from "CAS" with GB:=12 and with Taylorani.GB:=12, that did not work, the value was unchanged set to 10. The other way round it works, when I enter GB I retrieve the correct value from Taylorani, this even works from other Apps using the Namespace, i.e. Taylorani.GB.
Perhaps someone can help me, maybe I overread it when I went through the manual, maybe this is not (yet) possible.
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Storing data in Vars of the Geometry App? - Arno K - 06-06-2015 10:07 PM

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