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Pivots (Gaussian reduction)
06-08-2015, 10:15 PM (This post was last modified: 06-09-2015 10:02 AM by salvomic.)
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RE: Pivots (Gaussian reduction)
a different approach is not to use pivot() command to calc Pivots(), but use lu()...
pivot() command calculates partial pivoting element by element, it isn't a complete gaussian elimination, so I had to use the ugly "tricks" to get the job...

LU returns P (permutation, easily transformable into a matrix with permMatrix()), L (lower triangular that contains "multipliers" below the diagonal) and U (upper triangular that should have pivots, reduced, in diagonal).
I need (of Pivots() ) to get a diagonal with pivots *not* reduced (and the product of which is equal to determinant, if the matrix is not singular), as then I get LDU (with LDU() ) and LDLt (with LDLt() ), that require a D matrix with pivots in its diagonal...

I need an hint to extract multipliers from L returned by lu() and make with them the gaussian reduction (with or without permutation, given by the first list of lu())...
I thought a cycle...

i.e. if matrix is M2:= [[2,1,1], [4,-6,0], [-2,7,2]], lu(M2) returns [ [1 2 3] [[1,0,0], [-1,1,0], [2,-1,1]] [[2,1,1], [0,8,3], [0,0,1]] ]
so the permutation matrix is P = [[1,0,0], [0,01], [0,1,0]]
L is the second matrix in the list, and in it we have multipliers -1 (L(2,1)), 2 (L(3,1)), -1 (L(3,2)), so we need to subtract -1 times 1st row from 2nd, 2 times 1st row from 3rd, -1 times 2nd row from 3rd
U should have pivots already in the diagonal, but in this case it has 2,8,1, but manually we get 2, -8, 1 (the actual form of my program returns in fact Pivots(M2) -> {2,-8,1} and the product of pivots must be equal to determinant that for M2 is -16 (2*1*(-8)), while lu() returns {2,8,1} because it consider the matrix with the rows swapped as (1,3,2) and in this case the determinant *is* 16...

The cycle should extract multipliers, perform permutation (multiplying P*M2) and subtractions (following the multipliers) and return Gauss reduction and the required pivots.

Any help?

...but this routine (and the new cycle) only reproduces LU and returns ...simply U. I'm outside of the way...


EXPORT Pivots(m)
  // Gauss-Jordan elimination and pivots
  local r, c, j, k, piv, temp, plist;
  local permat, Lmat, Umat, Pmat;
  L1:=MAKELIST(0,X,1,r); // dim list of pivots
  gj:=MAKEMAT(0,r,c); // building matrix
  gj:= m;
  M1:= SUB(m, {1,1},{r,r}); // here M1 is the square subset of matrix
  temp:= lu(M1);
  plist:= temp(1);
  Lmat:= temp(2);
  Umat:= temp(3);
  Pmat:= permMatrix(plist);
  M1:= Pmat*M1;
  gj:= Pmat*gj;

  FOR j FROM 1 TO r DO  // calc multiplier and subtract rows
    FOR k FROM 1 TO j DO
      IF (j<>k) THEN
        IF (Lmat(j,k)<>0) THEN gj(j):= gj(j) - Lmat(j,k)*gj(k); END;
      END; // if
    END; // inner for
  END; // outer for

  FOR j FROM 1 TO r DO // extract pivots
    FOR k FROM 1 TO c DO
        IF (gj(j,k)<>0) THEN L1(j):= gj(j,k); BREAK; END;
    END; // inner for
  END; //outer for

  piv:= list2mat(L1, r);
  M1:= gj;  // Return pivot and reduce matrix with pivots in diagonal
  RETURN {piv, M1};

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