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41C data collection memory
01-25-2014, 06:34 PM
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RE: 41C data collection memory
The 41C -- I remember it well. I actually still have it, memory modules, time module, card reader, printer. I got them about 30 years ago when I was in college, in a EE program. I still have the hardware somewhere (I'd have to recall where I have packed them). Since getting a '48-GX, a '49g+ and '50g, the 41C stuff stayed in storage.

the 41 is a great calculator. I really liked the time module. I wish calculators, watches, etc would have incorporated it's accuracy factor technology to be more accurate (better than the 1 or 2 seconds a day most have). Indeed, I even wrote a control alarm program for my '48GX to emulate periodic correction to the time (but not as nice as the fine grain correction the time module would do).

I don't recall modules for data collection for the 41C. Either I didn't know about them or they were beyond my budget. I could have had lots of fun collecting data with the '41C with it.

The 41C did not have a serial port for talking to other instruments (that I have). Yet the '48 and '50 do. So interfacing the '50 to the real world is not hard.

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