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Cost of custom calculators
05-03-2015, 03:24 PM
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Cost of custom calculators
From a message by Omar Deen in another thread is this interesting item:

Quote:About four years ago I ran into this web site that motivated me to start writing programs for my HP50g

It's a calculator for a machinist!

I find it interesting that this custom calculator costs only $70, and they have a bunch of other models available as well, across various industries, each with customized labels and keys, and with a variety of displays and keyboard layouts.

Granted, these are probably fairly basic cheap hardware from some Chinese factory, and maybe not up to our expected durability standards, but it demonstrates that someone's able to find a source for customized calculators for something much smaller than the mass market, while still at a reasonable price.

It also demonstrates that, at least in some applications, there is still a demand for physical calculators instead of virtual apps.
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