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HP50g spins circles around the TI-89
05-04-2015, 01:38 PM
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RE: HP50g spins circles around the TI-89
(05-04-2015 12:37 PM)pito Wrote:  Why HP or TI or XYZ company shall consider a development, production, sales and world-wide maintenance of a stand alone calculator when:
A) today every child, pupil, college student, university student, science - engineering - math professionals carry a smartphone or a tablet with them all the time,
B) such gadgets are equipped with a beautiful >4inch color touch display, w/ at least 768MB of memory, at least 2x1.2GHz CPU, an xxGB large sdcard space, w/ wifi, 3G/4G/LTE, BT, navigation, hires cameras, etc.,etc.,
C) where the online shops offer >250 calculator apps,
D) where the development tools are free available so you can develop/sell/maintain what you want,
E) where soon (or even already today) these gadgets can run Octave, Matlab, Mathematica, or any kind of HP5X, WP4X, TI8X you can imagine..

Because a smartphone lacks... KEYS!

I left the University more than ten years ago, being an HP48G my "workhorse" in that moment. Most of may calculations since them have been done in the computer, either with Excel or dedicated software, and the calculators have jsut been "a hobby". I even had a 4 button cheap one as my desk calculator until I got a 30b.

But now I'm doing a post-graduate course about electricity transport lines, that has several "practical cases", and the 48 came back to rescue me... I find that I can "draft" numbers several times faster than the guys using casios or fancy calculator apps in their ipads... including a guy using "droid48" in his phone, and one of the reasons is that I can key-in values and operators without even looking at the display. Try this in a phone, with no positive feedback (no, the little vibration is not good enoug) Another reason, of course, is that I can "think in RPN(L)"... I carried the 15C one afternoon and, not missing any function, I was much slower with it! I suppose that somebody used to it sill suffer the opposite situation...

But, as usual, the main question is... Will any company recover the investment in R&D and tooling for HP35s / HP50G replacements?
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