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WP 34S Owner's Manual v3.3 (pdf!)
04-11-2015, 12:28 PM
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WP 34S Owner's Manual v3.3 (pdf!)
To all of you who requested a searchable pdf manual of v3.3 (and to all others who want one for whatever reason): It will be available for you. It will be almost identical to the current print edition.

How can you get it?
  1. Please send me your real name (no forum nicknames).
  2. Please send me your real email address to mail the 17 MB file to you.
  3. Please send us your real money (9 US$ or equivalent) in our project donation box at sourceforge.
Please send 1 and 2 to walter dot bonin at web dot de since there is not enough space in my forum mailbox anymore.

As soon as conditions 1 - 3 are fulfilled*, I'll create your personal copy and mail it to your address as specified in 2.


* The small print: We are engineers, no businessmen. Thus, we reserve our right to refuse doing business with particular individuals - in this case we'll refund the money to the sender. In contrast to official forum policy as observed, we'll give comprehensible reasons unsolicited then. We still believe in the power of inspiring examples. And we apologize in advance for any error which may have happened or will happen in communicating in a foreign language.
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