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Editor/converter/program manager for the Prime Calculator (PrimeComm)
06-02-2014, 07:04 AM (This post was last modified: 06-02-2014 07:09 AM by debrouxl.)
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RE: Editor/converter/program manager for the Prime Calculator (PrimeComm)
Quote:new firmware works different in terms of USB transfers
The foundations remain the same: the Prime exposes itself as a HID, it is correctly detected by libhpcalcs, and most libhpcalcs commands which worked against firmware revision 5447 work just fine with revision 6030.

Quote: I have to do some research and update the app but I already got some info about the differences in the protocol.
Yeah, there seem to have been some changes in screenshots.

Quote:About receiving things, I am not sure what to do there yet (because there is no Send button in the new fw, I haven't seen it even when the emulator connected to the device)
You can use the named receive commands implemented by libhpcalcs. AFAICS, they work against the latest Prime computer software (for receiving e.g. L1 of type LIST), so they should work against a real Prime: only the lower communication layer is different, the upper communication protocol is the same.

Quote:so maybe that kinda breaks primecomm's simplicity approach and it will require a little program browser retrieving something from the calc.
Yup, if HP added the dirlist command I hinted the HP folks about. That is, a command for listing file names, types and sizes without transferring their contents (which is what the receive backup command does).
The contents browser has been a standard feature of TILP for over a decade, because most TI calculator models support dirlist. Without dirlist, browsing the calculator can only occur after the fact, after the entire contents of the calculator's filesystem have been retrieved by the computer (which can take a fair bit of time, even after transfer speed improvements, and is subject to packet loss).
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