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Dynamic local variables
05-20-2019, 04:52 AM
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RE: Dynamic local variables
(05-19-2019 08:35 PM)tom234 Wrote:  
(03-13-2015 07:59 PM)Han Wrote:  Here's an example of how to create dynamic local variables:

(code removed for legibility)

Explanation to come a bit later; heading home from work.

(03-15-2015 07:44 PM)Han Wrote:  And for the explanation:

Normally, one must declare all variables prior to their use. In this template, one only has to declare two generic container variables: localvars and localname. The variable localvars stores the values of the variables whereas localname stores their ascii names. We use localname as a lookup table to determine the index to use within localvars get the corresponding value.

NEWLOC("varname", type) -- creates a variable with name "varname" and initializes it to either 0 or {0} depending on whether type is 0 or non-zero (atomic versus composite variable). Thus, to create a list, one could do: NEWLOC("mylist",1). If that variable already exists, then it is reset. If not, then it is created as a new entry in both localvars and localname.

LSTO("varname",value) -- stores a value into "varname"

LSTON("varname", value, index) -- stores a value into the n-th position in a composite variable "varname". For example, LSTON("mylist",-3,5) is equivalent to mylist(5):=-3

LRCL and LRCLN behave similarly but recalls the value stored in the local variables.

this does not run on HPG2 why.

What issues did you run into? Were there any error messages at all?

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