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Does the HP-35S need a 'guide for dummies' how-to guide?
03-08-2015, 12:11 PM
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Does the HP-35S need a 'guide for dummies' how-to guide?
Hi everyone,

I'm new here, and I offer a hearty happy Daylight Savings Time good morning. (Well for those of us in North America...)

I'm posting to ask about the HP-35S. AFAIK there is no 'HP-35S for Dummies' type of manual, that assumes the user needs handholding and spoon-feeding, to learn the operation and programming of this calculator. Is this right?

My question is, would the potential users of this calculator, benefit from such a guide? Basically a guide for the complete newbie.

I was thinking of creating a guide like this in-between my other projects and maybe having it for download on a website. Would people benefit from this effort?

On the other hand I'm sure there are already videos, websites etc. with different instructions and information. I'm wondering then whether a single how-to guide that is aimed at the complete newbie, is necessary or not? Especially since, I think, users of this type of calculator tend to be a bit more savvy than the absolute clued-out beginner. OTOH there are all kinds of people out there...

Please let me know what you think. How did *you* learn to use the HP-35S, if you have one? Did you just pick it up and learn as you went, checking the official manual as needed? Or did you study the official manual, and learn that way? How did it go?

Thanks for your comments.
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