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Open discussion: should newRPL change target hardware?
03-06-2015, 09:55 PM
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Open discussion: should newRPL change target hardware?
I'd like to hear opinions on a hardware target change for newrpl. Since the 50g hardware will be discontinued, I wonder if the project should change its target hardware to the Prime or stick with the 50g hardware.

The CPU is very similar, and it has been demonstrated that the Prime ROM can be replaced freely, so besides technical difficulty in achieving it I'd like to hear reasons for one or the other choice.

If we establish that the main objective of newRPL is "to be used":
* Which target audience is larger now: current 50g's out there or current Prime users?
* Which target audience will be larger in 2 years (using a mature newRPL)? 50g users will stay steady, Prime users will increase relatively, but total calculator users will probably fall down drastically. Can the Prime future sales offset the 50g head-start?
* Would Prime users be willing to flash an alternative ROM to have RPL?
* Which users will benefit more from newRPL, 50g or Prime? 50g users already have proper RPL, but they will get great gains in speed. Prime users already have speed, so they would have less incentive to run newRPL.
* Will 50g users finally switch to Prime if they can run newRPL on it?

I'm all ears.
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