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Set System Variable in a program
02-27-2015, 11:14 AM (This post was last modified: 02-27-2015 11:41 AM by Angus.)
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RE: Set System Variable in a program
Thanks a lot so far. Your information about Variable assignment was indeed helpful. I could change my Key to the following which pretty much satifies my needs. Only two points are left on my wishlist:

1) as mentioned numerous times before: getting rid of the needed keystroke <ENTER>. Having the returned String passed to the parser by a new command or RETURN(30) working. :-)
(Although you could see a positive aspect: If I just want to change the current Base setting I could e.g. hit F2 and abort. Base has changed and no conversion happens. As said if I try to see a positive side-effect)

2) Activate the Softkey permanently. When I need Integer Base conversions I would like to have my Softkey at hand. The F-Keys in Home are more or less useless anyway.

Further ideas and comments are always welcome! See screenshot about what I have in mind.


  LOCAL base_key := Base+1;
  LOCAL btn:=SoftMenu({{"bin","oct","dec","hex","2int","2Real"},base_key});

  IF Entry=2 THEN //RPN
        IF btn=1 THEN Base:=0;  RETURN " 32 1 R→B(3)"; END; //bin
        IF btn=2 THEN Base:=1;  RETURN " 32 2 R→B(3)"; END; //oct
        IF btn=3 THEN Base:=2;  RETURN " 32 3 R→B(3)"; END; //dec
        IF btn=4 THEN Base:=3;  RETURN " 32 4 R→B(3)"; END; //hex
//don't tie the integers to their base
        IF btn=5 THEN RETURN " R→B(1)"; END;
        IF btn=6 THEN RETURN " B→R()"; END;
       DEFAULT "";     
       RETURN "";

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