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Hp50g global min and max solver
02-17-2015, 09:52 PM
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Hp50g global min and max solver
Hi all. I have a global maximum and minimum and root solver for
smooth continous functions for the hp50g and are looking for beta-testers.
The solver is written in hpgcc3.
The solver works as follows:
The function is sampled with a custom parser and a fast Chebyshev transformation.
Then all roots are simultaneously solved through the eigenvalues of the (implicit) companion matrix. The eigenvaluesolver typically solves a 65 degree problem in less than 1 sec. The solver is a fast type using linear memory and typically samples at 129 degree.
The solver is recursively.
There are also some utilities for chebyshev trasformation, integation,derivation and plotting.
These are based on fast fft or dct tranforms.
Regarding speed:
1025 degree sampling, transformation and plotting of e.g.
SIN (5*PI*x) in standard intervall -1 .. 1
is done in about 2 sec.

The solver was inpired by the chebfun system, however this one runs on the calculator.
However you need to install a custom hpgcc3 rom.
Anyone interrested, please let me know.
Best regards
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