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CAS.numer; denom; lcoeff; degree... ??!! [It's OK NOW ! :o)]
02-16-2015, 08:45 PM
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RE: CAS.numer; denom; lcoeff; degree... ??!! [IT'S OK NOW !]
Han. You are absolutely irreplaceable ! Thank you for your endless patience.
I just found something you already knew. Integrated help does not give the exact syntax for the HOME side which is in fact different from the CAS side.

In CAS side:

is ok not need the second argument: 'x'

but it is essential in the "home" side. The aid does not indicate

expect for :

(I am the only guilty 3 args clearly mentioned in the help)


or with a single string :

CAS.froot("(1+x^2)/(2*x+x^3),x") working perfectly !

It's the same thing for other commands that I mentioned...

Han, you know what ? You are my best cyber-friend :o)
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