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WP34S (SENDL) Is it Practical/Possibe
02-08-2015, 08:00 PM
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RE: WP34S (SENDL) Is it Practical/Possibe
(02-08-2015 07:22 PM)BarryMead Wrote:  
(02-08-2015 07:17 PM)Marcus von Cube Wrote:  I know this is a problem. The present implementation of the communication protocol can only send/receive a single block of data, together with its CRC to insure the integrity of the transmitted data. The block size is limited by the size of volatile RAM which is only 4 KB. I'm using about the half of it as the communication buffer in case of a full transmission of the non volatile user RAM (SENDA). The destination memory area is only updated when the block check is ok.
Thanks Marcus for explaining why this feature was never added. I figured there was some kind of "Technical" reason why it was not practical. The way you guys have "Thought of Everything", in this calculator, I knew that there must be a good reason why a feature this obvious was not in the mix.

Take Care, Barry

I was wondering a similar thing ... when you mentioned your phone jack idea... similar to the 84 plus I/O... I was wondering if there could be a SEND and a RECEIVE that would allow two WP34s units to be tied together (through the flash port) similar to the 84 plus, so that one machine could be placed in receive mode, and the other machine placed in send mode-- allowing for peer to peer cloning or backup? Is this idea NOT possible?


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