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Modules for the 71B - how?
02-08-2015, 06:21 PM
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RE: Modules for the 71B - how?
(02-08-2015 02:25 PM)MattiMark Wrote:  Hi,
I am thinking of purchasing more memory to my (in my posession new) HP-71B. Can someone explain how to make use of a, let´s say, CMT 32k RAM-module? I see that there are 64k CMT RAM-modules as well, so can I (theoretically) use all 4 front bays with an additional 256k of RAM? I read somewhere ages ago that CMT had an 128 k RAM-module for the card-reader slot; what´s the maximum RAM I can have with this kind of HP unit?

Any help appreciated,
Regards Matti/Sweden

As Anetzer replied, the best option by far is to acquire a FRAM71 when available, but to answer your specific questions:

Yes, you can insert 4 x 64KB modules to add 256KB (if you can afford it Wink )

Each module can be used as system ram, for storing or running programs, however each port (whatever size module you use) can also be separated for storing files, like a small ram-disk.

There are card-reader slot memory modules in at least 64KB and 128KB, possibly even 256KB, but these are quite rare, and even more expensive.

You should look here, here, here, and here for some very useful LEX files, ROMs and peripherals to make you 71B much easier to use and manage and easily move programs and data between your 71B and PC.

--Bob Prosperi
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