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[34S & 31S] Unique display mode: significant figures
02-09-2015, 03:15 AM
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RE: [34S & 31S] Unique display mode: significant figures
(02-08-2015 08:54 PM)Bit Wrote:  Four bits store the mode argument but only the values 0-11 are used for the four other modes. It was Nigel's idea to use values 12-15 for the new SIG and SIG0 modes. It only allows 8 settings for each new mode but in this case that's sufficient. Look at [gs]et_dispmode_digs() in xeq.c to see how it's implemented
Thanks for the pointer, I just had a look. That's a nice solution to squeeze the information in there Wink although quite "wasteful" code-wise (noone's fault)...

Since I was thinking about how to squeeze some additional state info into two other groups of flags and came to a similar (although not identical) potential solution last week, I am wondering if there is a hard limit to not extend UState beyond 64 bits (f.e. because we're running out of RAM), or is this just to maintain backward compatibility for now? As it looks now, adding another couple of bits to UState could save quite a bit of code elsewhere.
Quote:LZON/LZOFF controls leading zeros in integer modes, which is a very different issue in my opinion, I'm not sure I'd want to mix those two things.
Yes, I agree. I was suggesting this just in case we'd be really running out of status bits.



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