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[34S & 31S] Unique display mode: significant figures
02-08-2015, 08:09 PM (This post was last modified: 02-08-2015 08:13 PM by matthiaspaul.)
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RE: [34S & 31S] Unique display mode: significant figures
(02-07-2015 09:01 PM)Bit Wrote:  The WP 34S and 31S have for a long time had a compile time option to add the rarely seen 'significant figures' display mode, implemented by Nigel. Very few calculators offer this feature, one example is the Commodore S61 from 1976.
I am quite sure I have seen this feature on an old nixie-tube Privileg calculator (with horribly bouncing keyboard, but otherwise nice) as well. It must have been from around the same time frame.
Quote:Two new modes are available: SIG and its zero-padded variant, SIG0. Both modes accept arguments from 0 to 7, allowing up to 8 of the most significant digits to be displayed.
Not knowing how the state information for these modes was squeezed into the existing flags record, if it helps to save a bit, the SIG/SIG0 mode could also take the setting of the "LZON/LZOFF" flag 33 into account, I guess.



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