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evaluate expression (rpn) - return(30)
02-06-2015, 07:17 AM
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evaluate expression (rpn) - return(30)

I would like to start this thread to have my programming and the understanding of the prime improved. Han inspired me to re-think the whole topic. I came up with the question in but don't want to go too off-topic there.

The thing is I am still unhappy with is how the prime deals with integer base conversion (same problem with the 48 or 49+ btw). I do prefer a 42 like workflow, which is why most of the time I am using my android phone running real calc....
In a way I am surprised that I seem to be the only one who feels uncomfortable with the situation (tried a poll on the wish-list), but given that there is not much resonance I think it might really be an individual thing ;-) I tried user keys. Results are not 100% satisfying.

This is how I use the user keys. "view" prior of a key lauchnes a corresponding softmenu. i.e. "view"+"-" would launch SymbBaseMenu().

LOCAL btn:=SoftMenu({"hex","dec","bin","","2Real","#"});

IF btn=1 THEN RETURN " 32 4 R→B(3)"; END;
IF btn=2 THEN RETURN " 32 3 R→B(3)"; END;
IF btn=3 THEN RETURN " 32 1 R→B(3)"; END;
IF btn=4 THEN ""; END;
IF btn=5 THEN RETURN "B→R()"; END;
IF btn=6 THEN "#"; END;

Han suggested to return the keycode for enter. I did never succeed with that, but chances are high that I am simply too blind to see the problem. A naive approach with

IF btn=1 THEN " 32 4 R->B(3)"; RETURN(30);

fails. Without return(30) the String is composed on the entry, but adding return(30) does NOT evaluate that expression i.e. it is not passed to the parser as i like to explain the problem.

Btw. having a true user sostmenu that would remain active after the command would, of course, be nicer. The desired functionality is clear. I Type a number, say 4711, start the softmenu with view/base and hit F1 to convert 4711 to a hex integer. I do not want to have to hit enter before. Conversion should be doable when the number is still on the entry line!
I am in rpn. What I would need is to have the resulting expression evaluated w/o hitting an additional enter: 4711 32 4 R->B(3) which is now on the command line.

Any ideas?
And are the no integer constants in cas? Adding the # to a number truncates the # and leaves the number on the stack.
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