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[WP 34S] I finally bricked it :-(
11-03-2015, 05:13 PM
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RE: [WP 34S] I finally bricked it :-(

I have a brand new 30b that seems to have suffered a similar fate to John's during flashing with WP34s firmware.

The calculator was flashed following the normal procedure. It was powered from a lab power supply at 3.2V and flashed with a FTDI USB to UART adapter (UM232R) and MySamBa running on a Windows XP virtual machine.

Part way through flashing MySamBa reported a failure to acknowledge. I attempted to erase and reflash but MySamBa is unable to connect.

It still turns off when reset, and on when ON/CE is pressed, however, as with John's the on current draw is only ~2mA. My other 30b/WP34s draws more like ~15mA when on in bootloader mode.

It is possible that the interruption was as a result of losing power, although I think UART is more likely as the connection was precarious, or possibly an issue with using a virtual machine.

John, did you manage to recover this hardware?

-- Josh
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