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[WP 34S] I finally bricked it :-(
02-03-2015, 03:30 PM
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RE: [WP 34S] I finally bricked it :-(
Well, if you're going to make a mistake, make it a big one!

MarkHaysHarris777, I'm poking fun at myself, not you. Little mistakes aren't worth my time :-) As a matter of fact I'm sure I brought this misery upon myself because I decided to forego everyone else's recommendation to use the sharp point (J series) spring pins you're using. The reason is that I knew I'd be making many modifications to the connector and did not want to abuse the programming pads while doing so. I don't know how thick the copper is. So I used spring pins with hemispherical tips (B series) thinking they might result in less abuse. I have both varieties. If you don't try different things, no one learns anything, and the reason for undertaking this project is to learn things.

It would be nice to determine if a power interruption during flashing caused hardware damage, or if hardware damage even occurred, but for the time being I'd advise caution to maintain power within limits during flashing.
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