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Problem calculating an expression with roots
02-01-2015, 09:17 AM (This post was last modified: 02-01-2015 09:19 AM by parisse.)
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RE: Problem calculating an expression with roots
(01-31-2015 09:59 PM)retoa Wrote:  Wow, how to complicate easy things!
Actually you only have to sum/subtract the exponents...

I'm comparing HP Prime and TI nspire CAS, I have to choose one to propose for the students in the school where I work, so I try some calculation we do at school with both of them.
The TI transforms

\( \frac{\sqrt{3}*\sqrt[3]{2*x}}{\sqrt[4]{3*x}} \)


\(2^{1/3}*3^{1/4}*x^{1/12} \)

in no time.

I will not say that I will choose TI because of that, the prime is better then TI in many other things, but I can not understand how a CAS calculator can not simplify something so easy. If the TI does it, then it should be possible also on the Prime hardware.
Of course it's possible, but it's not a priority. It applies only to very specific expressions that you can do by hand. I did not make my CAS with the objective to solve american schoolbool exercices, because I don't know them. It does not mean I will not adapt, it depends on time constraints and priorities.

Quote:Does it mean that the Prime can not simplify any expressions with roots at the denominator or with negative fractional exponents? That would be really limiting for the use in a school...
It's exactly the reverse. The algorithm for simplifying fractional powers on the Prime can handle expressions with + (or -), it's therefore more powerful. Simplifying the example with this algorithm takes too much time on a calc, but it works on a desktop.
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