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What's This Program?
02-02-2015, 05:54 AM
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RE: What's This Program?
Thanks, guys.

In the end, out of curiosity, I SST'ed through the 11C's program memory; I found three short programs in there and while two of them were obvious, I'm still not sure what the third does. It's probably something I cobbled together while playing around trying to understand something, and I doubt that anyone else would figure it out, either, so I don't propose to waste anyone's time by posting it.

I have a small notebook - not much bigger than a Voyager itself - in which I record short programs, plus a 3-ring binder which contains 65 program forms and other, later coding sheets for all my really important programs. Fortunately, they're almost all for the 41, so CAT 1 solves that problem, but now I'm using the 11C and 16C more, I think I'll have to be scrupulous about sticking a Post-It on the back so I know what I've got. And I have 82143A, 82162A and 82240B printers, so listings for the 41 and 71 aren't a problem.

--- Les
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