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WP34s flash technical erase procedure
01-28-2015, 06:02 AM
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RE: WP34s flash technical erase procedure
(01-28-2015 05:22 AM)walter b Wrote:  Please forgive me suggesting you RTFM, App. A.

No, its ok really. Um, I did RTFM several times (and I'm still confused about it). The appendix is great for getting the job done (which is most important) but its not too great for understanding how some of the electronics work; which is important for designing an interfacing circuit.

I'm thinking of powering the calc from the three parallel TTL inverters 'locked' on. Then, the erase strobe can be the output of a flip flop that holds itself on; till reset of course. The FM doesn't speak to powering the unit with TTL, nor does it discuss TTL driving the erase strobe or reset... so just wondering. if my idea works I can also eliminate the LM117 volate regulator, and I can use some of the inverters (there are six) to drive the LEDs instead of discreet RTL components. (I'll let you know how it goes... if it doesn't work, I'll punt).


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