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(35S) yet another R<>P Conversion
01-25-2015, 11:34 PM (This post was last modified: 01-25-2015 11:35 PM by MarkHaysHarris777.)
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RE: HP35s yet another R<>P Conversion
(01-25-2015 12:27 PM)Thomas Klemm Wrote:  
     P017  RCL  Y         ;    compute theta ,   R is lifted to y
     P018  RCL  X         ;
     P019  /
     P020  ATAN

This won't work if X = 0.

See: ->P and ->R conversions for the HP-35s in the Original Software Library.

Yes, thank you! Well and good, and my bad too on another thing... I noticed that the routine really needs to decompose the complex (which mine does not yet) ... maybe later tonight.

(01-25-2015 10:07 PM)Paul Dale Wrote:  It is still difficult to go past these two community routines for these functions. They just work as expected in everything except last X.

Paul, how do you want LASTx to work with this type of routine; which LASTx should be left in the LASTx register. i know the definition of "value of x just before the last operation" but that definition really depends on the *operations* defined for LASTx. I can think of several ways to make sense of LASTx with a complex decomposition routine. Just wondering what your take was. Thanks.


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