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WP34s: date functions and negative years
01-18-2015, 01:01 AM
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RE: WP34s: date functions and negative years
From memory, there were a number of questions poised on the other thread seeking to determine which of the several wrong possibilities was the most desirable. These questions were not answered, so I didn't implement anything. What we have now is correct as per the documentation -- it is quite explicate that dates before 8AD can be wrong.

We (Walter and I) decided early on to not support dates before the year zero. I thus take the absolution value of inputs in years. I didn't do this for JDNs since they are genuinely useful pre year 0, it is only the conversion to Julian dates that aren't.

  • The calendar was bizarre before about 8AD, I could put a break there and force an error.
  • The Julian calendar was only introduced late BC, we could break there and live with being incorrect until 8AD, again with an error before.
  • We could lie and pretend the Julian calendar went backwards before its creation to the origin of the Julian day number reference.

Once we work out which wrong is best, I can fix.

- Pauli
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