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[HP48] Display area flags
12-12-2014, 11:34 AM
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[HP48] Display area flags
Hi all,

I'm studying how display area control works, and there is too much words that seems to do the same and confuse me,
so anyone could explain the different DA flags behaviors please, and when to use them ?

What is the difference between the commands (Set/Clr/?)DAValid and (Set/Clr/?)DABad ?
Same question for DATemp and DANoCh flags ? (Ok Temp is used to freeze the display, but why DANoCh exist ?)

What is the purpose for each of this flags ?

DAs flags and associated commands :
OK : Clr, ?
Bad : Set, Clr, ?
Valid : Set, Clr, ?
Temp : Set, Clr, ?
NoCh : Set, Clr, ?
Roll : Set, Clr, ?

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