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User Defined Variables within SOLVE Application
03-22-2014, 12:37 PM
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RE: User Defined Variables within SOLVE Application
(03-03-2014 06:47 AM)cyrille de brĂ©bisson Wrote:  What you CAN do would be to enter F_P1 in E1 (using a quoted STO OR typing it in the symbolic view) and then press on the eval menu key in the solve symbolic view as this does a recall of funcions, but without evaluating them.

Regards, cyrille

Thank you Cyrille. I looked at this again. Assuming Solve App is active...

1. In CAS, I can enter F_P1:=fv=pv*(1+rate)^per to store F_P1 as a CAS var
2. E1:='F_P1' Enter or 'F_P1' STO>E1 both work to store the equation in Solve**
3. I can proceed to use Solve App E1 to numerically solve for any term after the app asks to create fv, pv, rate and per User Vars.

** Observation - it seems that CAS must be set to approx (not Exact) for the formula to show up in E1. With Exact checked, only F_P1 shows up in E1??

I'm working through this to see if I can store Engineering (or Finance) equations into say the Notes App and copy/paste them into CAS command line for (1) single or multi equation numerical solving in Solve App and (2) algebraic solving in CAS. An example Financial equaitno note might read in part:


If other have better, easier ways to do this in the Prime then Im all ears.

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