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User Defined Variables within SOLVE Application
03-03-2014, 06:47 AM
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RE: User Defined Variables within SOLVE Application

Quote:It seems that although you can save an equation as a Home User Variable, say using F_P1:=fv=pv*(1+rate)^periods, you will have issues:
- You get a syntax error after you store the equation - even though it shows up in User Var properly
- If you try to assign it to a Solver APP with say Solve.E1:=F_P1 you will see 0 in E1: of the Solver App. Looks like its evaluating the variables ahead of time

Correct, you can not do what you wrote above. The reason for it is that althrough you can Crate F_P1 (by doing: fv:=1; pv:=1; rate:=1; periods:=1 ENTER in the command line followed by 4 ENTER) and then typing fv=pv*(1+rate)^periods inthe define dialog box, you can not 'recal' the function to store it into Solve.E1.
Solve.E1 needs to contain an equation, BUT typing F_P1 will evalutate F_P1 (using whichever values are in the variables), and doinf quote(F_P1) will just keep F_P1 as is...

What you CAN do would be to enter F_P1 in E1 (using a quoted STO OR typing it in the symbolic view) and then press on the eval menu key in the solve symbolic view as this does a recall of funcions, but without evaluating them.

You could also do Solve.E1:=quote(fv=pv*(1+rate)^periods)

Regards, cyrille
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