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Sparcom Corporation
897 N.W. Grant Avenue
Corvallis, OR 97330 USA

The manuals themselves do not seem to have a typical copyright page. These manuals are genuine, but do not appear to have been mass produced like your typical manual (hence the non-standard copyright section, or the lack thereof in some cases). They are all spiral bound.

General Chemistry Pac
Edition 2; November, 1991
Manual Reorder No. 11052-A
Software Reorder No. 10052-1A

General Chemistry Reference Pac
Edition 1; October, 1991
Manual Reorder No. 11062-A
Software Reorder No. 10062-1A

Electrical Engineering Pac
Edition 2; August, 1991
Manual Reorder No. 11051-A
Software Reorder No. 10051-1A

Electrical Engineering Reference Pac
Editioin 1; March, 1991
Reorder Number 11061-1A

Mathematics Pac
Edition 1; July, 1991
Manual Reorder No. 11071-A
Software Reorder No. 10071-1A

Edition 1; September, 1993
Manual Reorder No. 10201-1M
Software Reorder No. 10201-1A

There are also phone numbers in the covers, but I am pretty sure they are defunct now.

Phone: (503) 757-8416
Fax: (503) 753-7821

I believe many of these Sparcom cards were authored by Brian Maguire (among others). I think he still license these programs but have since moved to the TI world. For example, the engineering pac is available on the TI89 in the form of EE*Pro.

At some point, Sparcom cards were distributed by da Vinci Technologies, but there were issues about royalties not being paid (?) to certain authors. I think the metakernel team may have expressed such concerns in the past, but my memory fails me at the moment.

1793 Riverside Dr. Suite 3H
New York, NY 10034
Phone: (212) 942-5077
Fax: (212) 942-8105

The cards (and manual) were authored by Ali Badakhshan. These too appear to be manuals printed out by the author and spiral-bound. The ones I have are:

Mechanical Engineering Review: Problems and Solutions
Mechanical Engineering Review Manual (for the card)
Engineering Fundamentals / EIT-FE Review: Problems and Solutions
Engineering Fundamentals / EIT-FE Review Manual (for the card)

There are also some separate "packets":

Startup: ME Solved Problems
Startup: EIT-FE Solved Problems
Samples of the HP48 Numeric Keyboard Calculations
Selected Built-in Functions (HP48G & HP48GX)

The cards I own are:

Physics Pac
General Chemistry Application Pac
General Chemistry Reference Pac
Electrical Engineering Application Pac
Electrical Engineering Reference Pac
Mathematics Pac
Mechanical Engineering Pac
Mechanical Engineering Reference Pac

Engineering Fundamentals Review Software 6.0
Mechanical Engineering Review Software 6.0

I have actually never used any of these cards for doing anything productive -- I have them merely for collection purposes. I did tinker with them just to see what they had to offer. As software (on the HP48 goes), they're OK. I think these would have been quite useful back when I was in high-school but these days the have more nostalgic value than anything else.

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