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HP-41 Literature - German
11-14-2014, 03:34 PM (This post was last modified: 11-17-2014 11:05 AM by Martin Hepperle.)
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RE: HP-41 Literature - German
Okay folks,

even if this is still work in progress, I have placed a copy of my barcode decoder program on my web site under

The program is stable and I have made many tests with all kind of barcodes. The working version outputs a lot of debug information if you start it from a command window resp. console window.

On the web page you will find a description of what the program does and a ZIP archive with the application and some test images.
My plan is to make the sources available later, when everything is closer to a final "product".

A) You will need Java (I test with 1.7 or higher) and should be able to run the application on any system with a suitable Java runtime environment (JRE).
B) The program is no HP-41 emulator or compiler - it was intended to be able to decode programs and data printed in barcode form. It also decodes some of the keyboard, alpha and direct execution codes but not all possible variants as this is of no interest for me. If you need this feature, I propose another device, called HP-41 ;-).

If you have ideas for improvement and additional features I might be able to add them.

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