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[HP48] Memory Management
10-29-2014, 10:15 PM
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RE: [HP48] Memory Management
Thank Han, yet another good idea! It increase my chances Smile

When I read your post, I thought to Backup Objects,
they have the advantage of being sizable, and include a CRC that is a useful thing in my project!
However, they have the disadvantage of being hardly displaceable ...
Another drawback of this scheme is the waste of memory, more or less,
although I can almost predict the data volume.

So, I try other ways by decompilling some built-in commands to understand 'How they do that?'.
And I found the BANG command SMATREDIM (# 37E2Dh SX) used by xRDM and xSigma+.

SMATREDIM does a CKSREF that return FALSE against objects in USEROB,
then, don't make any FREEREFS or TOTEMPOB, and resize object directly in USEROB !

However, I've not tryed with array of Array of bint lol , maybe tomorrow Smile
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