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what happens when a test company gets it wrong
10-12-2014, 02:12 AM
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RE: what happens when a test company gets it wrong
This is not the place to discuss politics, so I'll keep this very brief; but it is a very serious issue. CC is not primarily about standards. It is a political agenda, linked with Obamacare and the NSA, designed to get control of every individual. The goal is to move people from capitalism to socialism to communism. The statement that the goal is communism was on a government website until someone realized that there was stuff there that was supposed to be kept secret and took it down in a panic, but watchdog groups had already taken screenshots. I saw it myself. Parents have no representation, no vote, and no say. To make way for it, Obama gutted the 1974 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act without going through Congress, even though he has no authority to do that. Planned Parenthood is in charge of much of the literature about sex education that will be in the schools, for kids as young as kindergarten, with graphic illustrations of how to masturbate, for kids as young as 2nd grade. "Common Core" includes "core sex skills"! Do you want your kids exposed to that?? I don't think so. (Lots of HP-41 links at the bottom of the links page, )
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