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HP split
10-10-2014, 02:44 PM
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RE: HP split
Think about how nice mathematical expressions would look on a tablet; it would be LaTex at 200 dpi.

As for buttons; yes I love the tactile feel of the buttons too. But printing 3 abbreviated function names on or around a 1 cm^2 physical key is very limiting. How about dynamicly changing buttons that morph to match the type of problems you're solving? Doing some diff eq... the pallete of buttons is updated to every function relating to that area of math. No more left or right shifting before getting the function you want. No more menus filled with cryptic, abbreviated function names. With 200 dpi and custom-sized buttons, you could print function names in their entirety. No more "lapl" when the button could say "LaplaceTransform[f(t), t, s]"

It will happen someday. I think Wolfram could do it now as they have all the pieces of tech ready: MMa runs on arm processors, you can make custom buttons in the interface, etc. But I couldn't imagine why they'd ever produce a custom handheld to do so when everyone already owns a capable tablet/phone. Who want's the expense and headache of supporting a device when all you need to support is the software.
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