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single_inter does not find intersection
09-28-2014, 10:33 AM
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single_inter does not find intersection
Hi all!

Working with the Geo App on graphically estimating working points, voltages, gains and the like for a tube shortwave HF-Amp. (BTW, great App that tends to become one of my all time favorites - thanks a lot guys!)

I defined some plotfunc's of the form plotfunc(a*ln(x)+b). Examples:
GB plotfunc(1.301*ln(x)+3.406
GC plotfunc(0.9718*ln(x)+2.524

These functions get plotted without any problems.

Then I defined a point:
GE point(40,0)
It also gets plotted fine.

Then an element of GC as:
GG element(GC,20)
Goes well too.

Then the line through GE and GG as:
GH line(GE,GG)
Everything fine yet.

Now I try to find the intersection of GH with GB using:
GI single_inter(GH,GB)
The App cannot find that point. (It does not work using single_inter(GH,GB,GG) or single_inter(GH,GB,GE) either.)

But the CAS can readily nsolve this and get the x-coordinate of the intersection.

So, what is going on? Any suggestions?


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