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Connectivity Kit not getting any content
12-22-2013, 05:48 PM
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RE: Connectivity Kit not getting any content
(12-22-2013 03:10 PM)inakiz Wrote:  When I connect the calculator to the PC, I open the Connectivity Kit and I can see the Prime Calculator on the left column. However, I cannot see any calculator content on the right side. Every field is empty.
For instance, if, in the calculator, I have an equation on Advanced Graphing, field V1, I cannot see this expression on the Connectivity Kit side. Every field, V1, V2,etc are empty on the PC side.
FYI, I have left the calculator connected for a while, time enough to pass every bit of data from calculator to CK.

I have tried even to reset the calc without success. Actually I think I am unsuccessful to reset the calculator at all. When reset I can see a display that says "x2+y2=1" in large font, and then the calculator starts with all content intact!:-(

My version is:
Software version 2013 8 13 (5106)
CAS version 1.1.0
Native OS Version V0.025.5106

Resetting a calculator has many meanings. Can you explain in full detail the key sequence you used to reset the calculator? Likewise with how you use the connectivity kit.

As you already noted, the calculator appears on the left of the conn. kit window when plugged in. If you then click on the [+] symbol next to the calculator's name in the conn. kit then you will see the "filesystem" of the calculator, so to speak. Are you saying that after clicking on, say, Advanced Graphing you are not able to see the contents of V1 even though there exists an expression for V1 on the calculator?

What happens if you update the software for the conn. kit and the firmware first? Does it still happen? (I noticed you are still running the previous firmware).

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