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Numerical implementations
08-22-2023, 06:16 AM (This post was last modified: 08-22-2023 06:45 AM by Steve Simpkin.)
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RE: Numerical implementations
(08-22-2023 05:16 AM)nickapos Wrote:  
(08-21-2023 04:30 PM)KeithB Wrote:  Here is a good example from the Prime:

I am not sure what is going on in Home mode, but the answer was close enough that most people would not question it.

I think this is a problem that exists with most tools, when you try to exceed their designed accuracy.

I found it interesting the most of the recent Casio and TI scientific non-graphing calculators that I tested with came up with the exact same answer to the above referenced quadratic regression problem as Excel did. So far only the HP Prime in Home mode had less-accurate answers. It appears that the Casio's I tried have a resolution of 15-significant digits. The TI's have either 13 or 14 digits. The HP Prime has 12 digits, the same as the Saturn based HPs. I also found it interesting that the HP-48/49/50 series did not have the option to calculate quadratic regression built-in to their feature set. TI graphing models have had this ability since the TI-82 introduced in 1993.
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