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Square Root: Digit by Digit Algorithm
11-25-2022, 07:51 AM
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RE: Square Root: Digit by Digit Algorithm
(11-25-2022 06:33 AM)brouhaha Wrote:  I'm off-topic here
No problem with that.

From a comment in the linked HP-45 ROM:
Quote:keyed in by Eric Smith on 9-Mar-1995
Thanks a lot for this.

(11-25-2022 06:33 AM)brouhaha Wrote:  I'm still looking forward to the future computers that can express numbers to an unlimited number of digits.

What exactly do you have in mind apart from unlimited integers in Python and real and complex floating-point arithmetic with arbitrary precision in mpmath.

The calculations could also be carried out lazily and only at the end the required precision is specified.
Similar to WolframAlpha where more digits can be requested.
Or the precision could be changed during the calculation.
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