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How to factorize this polynomial
08-23-2022, 05:30 PM (This post was last modified: 08-23-2022 05:31 PM by Steve Simpkin.)
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RE: How to factorize this polynomial
(08-23-2022 05:16 PM)robmio Wrote:  
(08-23-2022 12:02 PM)rancom Wrote:  Hi all, I am learning math and learning how to use the HP Prime as well.

How do I factorize 4x^2+36xy+81y^2 and get (2x+9y)^2 as a result?

Things I've tried in CAS view:
- factor(4x^2+36xy+81y^2) -> 36xy+4x^2+81y^2
- factors(4x^2+36xy+81y^2) -> [4*x^2+81*y^2+36*xy,1]
- simplify(4x^2+36xy+81y^2) -> 4x^2+36xy+81y^2
- collect(4x^2+36xy+81y^2) -> 4x^2+81y^2+36xy
- cfactor(4x^2+36xy+81y^2) -> 4x^2+81y^2+36xy

You have to put the multiplication sign between the numbers, the variable "x" and the variable "y".

I don't believe you have to put a multiplication symbol between a number and its variable when entering the equation. For example entering; factor(4x^2+36x*y+81y^2) appears to be automatically interpreted as factor(4*x^2+36x*y+81*y^2) without having to enter the * after the 4, 36 or 81.

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