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Need help setting up go41cx emulator
07-21-2022, 12:15 PM
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RE: Need help setting up go41cx emulator
(07-21-2022 09:24 AM)redglyph Wrote:  
(07-21-2022 04:55 AM)Ángel Martin Wrote:  This is a serous deficiency that I hope Oliver addresses soon...

Have you tried to contact him? You stand better chance than waiting for him to see your post here.

Sadly, attempts to contact Olivier go unanswered. I've tried to contact him several times in the past few years to no avail, there are simply no replies. I wanted to update the LIB4 to newer versions as required for other new modules, but I could get no answers. Every couple years he visits here and makes a quick post, but answers for issues like these are not forthcoming. While clearly incredibly gifted at creating products like this, it would seem building them is fun, but supporting them when problems are reported less so. I agree with Angel, this is disappointing for a paid product, and most frustratingly, I found this out only after purchasing several emulators. They are not too expensive so this is not a financial issue, but I would not have continued to support a developer that ignores his paid customers. Even a "I am no longer working on that product" kind of reply is more respectful than no reply at all. Such abandoned products really should be withdrawn from the Play Store.

--Bob Prosperi
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