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For people looking for a 3d printer
07-25-2014, 01:14 AM
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RE: For people looking for a 3d printer
(07-24-2014 07:52 PM)walter b Wrote:  Ooops, did I misunderstand your post #8? And we're on a calculator forum, aren't we?


Perhaps I mis-typed. But I think I presented 3 alternatives as to what I should make (and print the case for with my 3D printer):

1. 25-key calculator, 5 rows of 5 keys, with large vertical ENTER^ key in the upper left corner, the first of two designs I submitted in Eddie's keyboard challenge topic; or

2. 25-key calculator, 6 rows with 5 keys in the top row, a double-wide ENTER^ key in the second row (reducing it to four keys), and 4 keys in each of the lower 4 rows (along the lines of what others submitted in Eddie's keyboard challenge topic, like a Woodstock without the top row of keys); or

3. 43-key calculator, landscape format, 3 rows of 10 keys and 9 keys in the bottom row, with a double-wide ENTER^ key in the center and a diamond of cursor keys in the upper right corner (similar to your design after the first "and:" -- after March, 2008 -- in your post of 2014-07-22 11:54 EDT -- UTC-4, my time zone).

As to the "TOPIC", this particular board and topic is "HP Forums / Not HP Calculators / Not remotely HP Calculators / For people looking for a 3d printer" (see top of this web page). So I interpret that to mean: "This topic is not remotely about HP calculators -- it's about advice for people looking for a 3D printer." To summarize, my advice is, based on my happy experience, get a MakerGear M2. And I plan to use mine to help build a calculator --- for which I've not yet settled on a design, but I'm using the discussion in Eddie's Keyboard Challenge topic for inspiration, and for which I've gathered a few parts already (e.g., the display).

I also plan to print many other things --- again, many I haven't even thought of yet.

I hope that was clearer!

So, Walter, get yourself a 3D printer! I'll send you a design for a little six-piece slidey-block puzzle you can print --- it should keep you occupied for at least a few minutes!

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