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advice on doing videos of calculator operations
07-09-2014, 03:42 PM
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RE: advice on doing videos of calculator operations
(07-09-2014 01:56 PM)Don Shepherd Wrote:  I would like to do a Youtube video of my 17bii calculator running an equation, but my tripod is not up to the task. I essentially want the camera to look straight down on the calculator while it rests on the desk and I push the keys and talk. This device looks like it might do the job, but I was wondering if others have experience doing this kind of thing. My camera is a small digital SLR with the standard screw tripod mount, and it can do movies.

In general, a copy stand is a suitable solution here. However, the one you refer to looks a bit small and light to me for a "serious" DSLR. I would prefer something more solid for this task. Don't you own a decent tripod with a head that can be tilted 90 degrees downwards?

There are other aspects that are important for a decent video: in any case set focus, exposure and white balance to manual so that they will not change during recording. Nothing is more annoying than a movie with continuously changing focus and exposure due to some weird automatic control. Then, provide decent and even lighting. Never mix different light sources like incandescent and fluorescent lamps and/or daylight. Do not use sound recorded by the camera and add your comments later with a separate microphone during editing. If your camera offers HDMI output you may connect it to a computer display or TV for much better control while the camera records.

And finally: even if the calculator is less wide than high – make sure the camera is mounted in landscape orientation. ;-)

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