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HP 48G Linear Regression Best Fit Line
12-24-2021, 01:06 AM (This post was last modified: 12-24-2021 01:08 AM by Rodger Rosenbaum.)
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RE: HP 48G Linear Regression Best Fit Line
I've typed in these data:

Pt.--- Northing(y)--Easting(x)

248 1529945.480 521921.773
249 1530002.951 521922.245
251 1530058.926 521921.687
252 1530114.903 521923.001
254 1530221.977 521924.059
600 1529945.482 521921.526
601 1530221.979 521923.827

But I treated Northing as X and Easting as Y. If this done than the offsets will come out the same as the result from the office software. It can certainly be done the other way, but some changes to the OFIT program will be necessary.

These data have more digits and we won't get 8 accurate digits, but we get as many as the office software gives.

Points 600 and 601 must not be included in the ΣDAT matrix but they can be included in the X and Y matrices; then the offsets for those two points will be zero.
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